How to apply for a Nexus Card?

What is nexus card?

Nexus (also known as Trusted Traveler program) is a program designed for people who travel frequently between Canada and USA. All US/ Canadian citizens and lawful permanent residents can enjoy the benefits of it and can pass the borders in no time. Nexus pass is available for single person, as well as for whole family and it is good for 5 years. After that period, you may apply for Nexus Renewal and keep enjoying the fast travel.

Where to apply for NEXUS CARD?

If you are convinced that nexus is for you let’s see how you can get one. The process of acquiring nexus card can be difficult if you do it alone.
There is this government system that you must go to and understand how exactly you must proceed.
That process can be quite hard to understand and may take you a while to do it. No worries there are services out there that can help you with that. are the people who I voted for. They help me

understand the process and save me the headache. Just go to their website and
apply online. They have an online application form that mimics the original goes form but it is simpler and faster to use. When you are done with that you can expect them to send you an email with further information about nexus card interview and activation and so on. The point is that it is a paid service that save you time. If you want you can apply for nexus card from the government of Canada’s website but I do not recommend it since it is not user friendly place to be and for a bit more money you can get what you want from a friendly service like
Even more they will give additional tips and advices about nexus card interview and the whole process after your online application is submitted.
So do not wait for it go and get one card and cross the border much faster.


To be honest, I am sick and tired of the long lines at the airport especially when it comes to domestic flights. Few years ago, I almost MISSED MY FLIGHT! Then, one of the security officers asked me why I didn’t take a Nexus pass yet, if I am traveling often, so I can skip this extremely long line. I had just a basic idea what Nexus card is, but from that time on, I started my research and here are one of the best benefits you can enjoy if you are Nexus Pass owner: • If you have Nexus, you are automatically TSA pre-checked and you can pass the security checks on the airports for 3-5 min with no extra headache. (Don’t forget to include your Pass ID/ KTN number into your reservation when booking it) • You can use Global Entry Kiosks at 20 of the major airports when entering US (plus your passport will be needed as well) • Expedited land border crossing when you travel with a car (plus a vehicle documents as well) • If you crossing the US – Canada border with a boat or another vessel, you can be pre-cleared with a just phone call to the border authorities in up to 4 hrs. • Less stress when you need to travel with your little ones

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