GLOBAL ENTRY – the best way for you to travel in and out U.S. fast!

Every travel starts with a dream and finish with lots of unforgettable memories… If you want your trip to be perfect from the beginning to the end, you have to plan very well the tourist program and to choose the best holiday destination as well! But what is the recipe for the ideal journey and can we do something special in order to make it be just like from our dreams? – Yes, we can. Especially when it comes down to travels to Canada and the gorgeous U.S.! Only people who cross the borders of these amazing lands will be able to use the incredible service we attend to describe today.

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Which travel program is right for you – Nexus, Sentri or Global Entry?

Global Entry

Probably the most famous traveler program for expedited border crossing. Global Entry helps you cut the line at customs at U.S. airports and land borders when you arrive, and includes TSA PreCheck, the Transportation Security Administration’s trusted-traveler program. A five-year Global Entry requires online pre-enrollment, as well as an in-person visit to an enrollment center for an interview, where you’ll have to verify your ID and be fingerprinted. Tells the background check is thorough: One of her clients was denied because of a bar fight in college that resulted in a misdemeanor assault charge.

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How to renew a Nexus Card?

Nexus Card Renewal

We hope you are a proud member of the Nexus Card, that card made many people life easier
when traveling. Let me tell you about my recent experience with Nexus.

Few months ago it came time to Renew my Nexus card and I had to renew it quickly because
my family were planning to go on a vacation in USA in the upcoming month of July.

Truth to be told, I was not so familiar with all the bureaucratic Government procedures and I did a small
research for a company that can help me with that. On top of everything
I had no extra time to spend on renewing my Nexus Card due to work overload, so finding
someone who can do it for me was a bless!

I dedicated my nexus renewal to the qualified team of
that made the difference!
All I had to do is to provide them with certain details, pay and wait for my card. The guys from
Global Trusted Traveler team contacted me additionally just to confirm my address as I did some weird
typos, otherwise it was the same as before.
I didn’t expect it, but it was nice to see that someone is taking care of your application and it won’t
lead to denial…just because of a misspelling!

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How to apply for a Nexus Card?

What is nexus card?

Nexus (also known as Trusted Traveler program) is a program designed for people who travel frequently between Canada and USA. All US/ Canadian citizens and lawful permanent residents can enjoy the benefits of it and can pass the borders in no time. Nexus pass is available for single person, as well as for whole family and it is good for 5 years. After that period, you may apply for Nexus Renewal and keep enjoying the fast travel.

Where to apply for NEXUS CARD?

If you are convinced that nexus is for you let’s see how you can get one. The process of acquiring nexus card can be difficult if you do it alone.
There is this government system that you must go to and understand how exactly you must proceed.
That process can be quite hard to understand and may take you a while to do it. No worries there are services out there that can help you with that. are the people who I voted for. They help me

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